Sarah, a religious caretaker faces a serious moral dilemma when she meets Mike, a seriously sick and confined to bed Iraq veteran, who wants to put an end to his suffering, so he asks Sarah to help him commit suicide.
*Winner - MMBF Rising Star Award (5th AIDFF)
*Official Selection - Drama Short Film Festival (2015)
*Official Selection - 5th Athens International Digital Film Festival (2015)


Odysseus lives in a repressive world where access to the sea is strictly prohibited. One day he decides to find out what lies there.
*Official Selection - 20th Athens International Film Festival - Opening Nights (2014)
*Official Selection - 4th Athens International Digital Film Festival (2014)

7 A.M. (2013)

A new day begins, for the people of a big city when the sun rises at 7a.m. For some of them, waking up is difficult, for others... just impossible.
*Official Selection - 16th Long Island International Film Expo (2013)
*Official Selection - 19th Athens International Film Festival (2013)
*Official Selection - 3rd Athens International Digital Film Festival (2013)

REAR WINDOW - Remake (2013)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window… done in 60 seconds.

WILL HE PAY (2010)

The lives of two teens are in a great danger. Will he pay? The answer will determine their future.
*Official Selection - Fort Myers Film Festival (2011) 
*Official Selection - London Greek Film Festival (2011) 
*Official Selection - 2nd Athens International Digital Film Festival (2011)


A man is trying to save an almost doomed relationship. His patience is at the limits. What will be the end? Will he find the way to salvation?
*Official Selection - New Filmakers New York (2012) 
*Official Selection - Patra's International Film Festival (2010)